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  Sponsoring and exhibiting at CoRL is the most cost-effective way for an organization, large or small, to gain exposure in front of the world's current and future leaders in robotics and machine learning. We offer recruiting opportunities to strengthen your team's expertise in this emerging field of technology.

As the world's leading conference on robotics and machine learning, CoRL 2018 offers advertising on conference brochures, flyers, webpage, opening/closing sessions, onsite screens, and via media outlets. In addition, opportunities for recruiting talent and presenting robotics products, systems, and results to a targeted audience are provided.

Download the Sponsor and Exhibitor Prospectus. 

   Silver  Gold Platinum  Diamond 
 Logo and link on website (incl. job offers) and on banners and handouts  x  x  x  x
 Display signs during social events and coffee breaks; marketing materials in bags for all attendees    x  x  x
 Onsite recruiting/exhibition booth      x  x
 Recruiting: Access to the list of attendees (who agree to provide their contact to sponsors); advertising videos played during sessions, breaks, and social events; award sponsorship; dedicated sponsorship of social events/banquets        x
 Free registrations  1  2  3  6
 CHF  6,000 12,000  25,000  50,000 

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Sponsor Chairs
Torsten Kroeger (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
Roberto Calandra (UC Berkeley)

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