Instructions for Attendees

If you are presenting an accepted CoRL 2020 paper, please visit Instructions for Virtual Sessions.

The Basics

  • The virtual conference will be held through

    • All keynotes, panels, tutorials, and oral sessions will be held via a Zoom Webinar

    • All parallel interactive sessions will have their own Zoom room (up to 20 rooms in parallel at once)

    • Each paper has a PheedLoop page with a paper pdf, video, and (if applicable) open source code, supplementary material, and reviews + author responses.

  • When attending the conference, please respect the CoRL 2020 Code of Conduct.

  • We encourage you to use a standalone Zoom client to connect to all meetings.

  • If you have any concerns or questions, please email

For all Zoom information,
please see:

To register, please visit: