Attending CoRL

We are tremendously excited to host one of the first in-person machine learning conferences since the pandemic arrived, however we understand that the CoRL community will have many concerns about resuming conference travel. Here in England, most legal restrictions related to COVID-19 have now been removed. Shops, restaurants and bars are all open, and large events such as conferences are up and running again. The majority of adults in England have now been fully vaccinated, and life is returning to normal for most people. Therefore, CoRL 2021 is being held as a hybrid conference, with in-person events in London on 8th - 11th November. This page is for information about travel and accommodation for those who will be joining us physically in London. Information about the virtual program and hybrid events will be available closer to the conference date.

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COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

To keep our community safe, we request that all in-person attendees be fully vaccinated. If you are not fully vaccinated, please attend CoRL as a virtual participant.

COVID-19 International Travel Rules

There are different rules for travelling to England, based on which country you are travelling from, and your vaccination status. For full and up-to-date information on these rules, please visit this website. Below is a summary of the rules.

Travel to England is allowed, and convenient, in the following scenario: your country is not on the red list, and you have been fully vaccinated (under an approved vaccination programme). In this scenario, then you must take a COVID-19 test on or before day 2 after you arrive in England, but you do not need to quarantine or take any other tests. You can view the red list countries here. Note that before you depart for England, you must have already booked your COVID-19 test, and have completed a passenger locator form. See the above website for information on how to book the test.

There are other scenarios in which travel to England is allowed. However, these scenarios are not convenient because they require you to quarantine in England upon arrival, for several days.

Note that these rules apply to travel from October 4th onwards. If you are travelling before this date, then different rules apply and you should check the above website.

Please also remember to check the rules in your own country about any tests you may need to take when returning home from England.

Conference Venue

The conference venue is Friends House in north-central London. All talks, poster sessions, and demos, will take place here. The closest train station to this is Euston, which is a 3-minute walk away. The drinks reception and banquet will take place in other nearby venues, and further details on these will be provided in due course.


Below is a selected range of hotels, all within a 5-minute walk of the conference venue, together with an estimated price.

Local Travel

Euston is the closest train station to the conference venue. It is well connected to the rest of London via the London Underground (the “Tube”). London has a number of airports, each of which has good transport links to central London. The easiest way to travel to Euston from the airport is to first take an overground train from the airport to a London terminal, and then to take an underground train from that terminal to Euston. Google Maps works very well in London to plan your travel.