Conference Venues

Main Conference Venue

The main conference venue is Friends House, which is in Euston in north-central London. All talks, poster sessions, demos, lunches, and registration, will take place here, on the ground floor. Upstairs, the venue has two rooms with tables and chairs where you can relax, work, or hold impromptu meetings. The closest train station is Euston, which is a 3-minute walk away. Click here to find Friends House on Google Maps. This link takes you to the main entrance on Euston Road, which is the entrance you should use to access the building.

Main entrance to Friends House on Euston Road

Side entrance to Friends House

Drinks Reception on Monday

On Monday 8th November, we would like to welcome you to CoRL 2021 and London at our drinks reception, to round off the first day of the conference. The reception is being held at Drake & Morgan, which is a 15-minute walk from the main conference venue and located right next to London’s Google and DeepMind offices. The reception will begin at 6:30pm, and both food and drinks will be served. Click here to find the entrance to Drake & Morgan on Google Maps.

Main entrance to Drake & Morgan

Banquet on Wednesday

On Wednesday 10th November, we are hosting the official CoRL 2021 banquet at the beautiful National Gallery in Trafalgar Square, starting at 7pm. Food and drinks will be served, whilst you socialise and network amongst one of the greatest collections of 13th-to-19th century Western European paintings in the world.

To travel to The National Gallery from Friends House, below we provide details on two options.

One option is to take a London Underground train. Walk to Warren Street underground station, take the Northern line (the black line) southbound for four stops, and then exit at Charing Cross underground station. Then walk to Trafalgar Square where you will see Nelson’s Column, and you will find The National Gallery at the northern edge of the square. This journey will take about 15 minutes from Friends House. A group of volunteers will be leaving from the main entrance of Friends House at 6:45pm, if you would like to join them on the London Underground.

Another option is to walk there directly from Friends House. This will take you through a number of areas of central London, so it will be a nice way to see the city. A group of volunteers will be leaving from the main entrance of Friends House at 6:30pm, if you would like to join them on this walk.

Click here to find the entrance to The National Gallery on Google Maps. The pin in the map shows the bottom of a short staircase, which you should then walk up to reach the main entrance.

When you arrive at The National Gallery, you will be provided with two drinks tickets, which can each be exchanged for a drink at the banquet. After using these two tickets, you will be able to purchase additional drinks yourself. Venue staff will be distributing food bowls throughout the evening. There are four main dishes: pork, salmon, vegetarian, and vegan. There is enough for everybody to have one of each of these dishes. However, please do feel free to take more of one dish if necessary, for example if you are vegetarian.

Finally, we have hired a historian who will be giving tours of one of the banquet’s rooms at The National Gallery (Room 32). These tours will start at 8:30pm and 9pm, and there will be a sign showing where you should wait for the tours.

Have a great banquet!

If you would like to bring a +1 to the banquet, or you have a virtual ticket but would like to join the banquet, please pay for an additional banquet ticket here.

Main entrance to The National Gallery

The Barry Rooms - one of the spaces inside The National Gallery where the banquet is taking place (Credit: Wise.)

Room 32 - one of the spaces inside The National Gallery where the banquet is taking place