Poster Sessions

Hybrid Posters at CoRL

To connect our virtual and in-person attendees, we are excited to announce an innovative poster format for CoRL 2021. Rather than divide our community into two groups, one using the time-honoured-but-tired format of paper posters tacked to easels, and one using the modern-but-slightly-soulless GatherTown, we propose a new format: the hybrid poster session!

How it works

Authors in person in London will present their posters on digital screens at the conference venue, allowing virtual and in-person attendees to view the poster and interact with the author. This will be accomplished through mirroring each poster in a GatherTown poster room. Similarly, remote authors who attend virtually will present posters which will be visible via GatherTown and also beamed onto a screen in the real London poster room, allowing interaction with in-person attendees.

For attendees

There will be 8 one hour poster sessions. If attending virtually, join GatherTown via Pheedloop and navigate to the room of the current poster session. As you visit each poster, hit ‘x’ to enlarge the poster view. One avatar at each poster will show the audio and video feed from the London venue, allowing you to view, listen, and interact with in-person attendees. If attending in person, go to the Waldo Williams poster room. Each poster screen will show the avatars who are viewing the poster virtually, from GatherTown, and you can interact with them as well as other in-person attendees.

Please see Programs for the paper program.