Camera-Ready Instructions

Camera-Ready Instructions

The camera-ready version of your paper is now due by Sunday, November 8, 11:59pm PDT. We will send a separate email with instructions for the video submission.

The submission of the camera-ready will be through CMT. Instructions are below. Please take into account the reviews and meta-reviews in preparing the updated version. In CMT, you will submit:

  • Your camera-ready paper. This should follow the template: 8 pages + references + appendix at the end, named firstname_lastname20.pdf (e.g. john_smith20.pdf). The template is available here: (Please use the “final” option.)

  • A signed permission form for publication in PMLR (form available at, named firstname_lastname20Permission.pdf (e.g. john_smith20Permission.pdf).

  • Consent to publish author feedback together with the paper.

  • Updated version of supplementary files. No files have to be anonymized.

Small changes to the title are allowed, particularly if recommended by reviewers. Author list reordering is also allowed. However, we do not allow the addition or removal of author names except in exceptional cases.