Poster Instructions

Hybrid Posters at CoRL

Posters are due November 4th, 2021.

To connect our virtual and in-person attendees, we are excited to announce an innovative poster format for CoRL 2021. Rather than divide our community into two groups, one using the time-honoured-but-tired format of paper posters tacked to easels, and one using the modern-but-slightly-soulless GatherTown, we propose a new format: the hybrid poster session!

How it works

Authors in person in London will present their posters on digital screens at the conference venue, allowing virtual and in-person attendees to view the poster and interact with the author. This will be accomplished through mirroring each poster in a GatherTown poster room. Similarly, remote authors who attend virtually will present posters which will be visible via GatherTown and also beamed onto a screen in the real London poster room, allowing interaction with in-person attendees.

For authors

Whether virtual or in-person, you will upload your poster to OpenReview and it will be added to GatherTown. At your session time, please go to the poster room in Friends’ House or to your poster in GatherTown. You’ll be able to interact with other attendees via their avatars in GatherTown and with London attendees through a single fixed avatar or simply in person. You’ll also be able to share your screen and show videos or other media.

Instructions for authors

You must upload your poster to OpenReview by November 4; note this is a strict deadline! You must have a poster uploaded by this date, but you may also prepare a video or slides to be presented live, by sharing your screen during your poster session. There is no deadline for preparing this additional content. If you’ll be presenting in person, please be prepared to transfer this material to the dedicated laptop for your poster (e.g., via USB stick or Dropbox or Google Drive). Important instructions and advice for your poster follow (credit to RSS); please read carefully:

  • The only file formats that are permitted are PNG and JPG. The maximum file size supported is 3 MB.

  • Most people will view the poster full screen, so you should use landscape layout to approximate those aspect ratios.

  • There is some ability to move the poster around on screen, which helps as not all screens are identical. Also, one may interactively magnify the view to help see some detail. This means that some smaller text can be legible, even if not at an “arm’s length”. We recommend font sizes which are no smaller than 1/80th of poster height.

  • To facilitate clarity and allow reasonable magnification, a resolution of 2000×1100 pixels is recommended. We have had good success with more than double that size, so long as the requirements on the maximum file size are heeded.