Call for Demos

We are excited to announce that, as another new development for this year’s conference, we are organising a demo session! For those planning to attend the conference in person, we are giving you the opportunity to showcase physical demos of your research during the conference. The demo session will be held in parallel with the poster sessions in the main conference venue. Demos may be based on papers submitted to the conference, or other recent papers, or other ongoing research.

For now, we are seeking expressions of interest from those who would like to contribute a demo, which we will then evaluate. For a contribution to be approved, it will need to involve a live demonstration with physical hardware and in-person attendance of the conference. For example, a robot learning algorithm running live, on a physical robot, would be ideal. This might show the training phase of a robot learning a new task, or the testing phase based on training already done back in your lab. But other types of contributions may also be approved if we find them interesting and relevant to robot learning. For example, you might like to demonstrate a novel tactile sensor, a live object pose estimator with a handheld camera, or a set of real-world objects for a new manipulation benchmark. However, we will not accept only pre-recorded videos of the demo, or only simulations running on a computer. All submissions will be assessed case-by-case.

Please consider applying for this opportunity, and helping us put together an exciting range of demos. Real-world evaluation is an important part of robot learning research, and being able to reproduce this with a live demo is always very impressive, and a great way to make your research even more memorable to the community!

If you are interested in contributing, then please complete this form by the deadline of September 21st, and we will inform you of the outcome by September 28th. For further enquiries, please contact us at