Program At-A-Glance

Visit the CoRL 2021 PheedLoop website for all Zoom information and links. See the ๐Ÿ“„ Paper Explorer for a searchable listing of all papers.

CoRL 2020 Program

Oral Paper Sessions

The program committee has selected a small number of papers to be presented in a single-track session under six themes.

CoRL 2020 Paper Sessions

Parallel Interactives

All accepted papers will have a synchronous interactive session lasting 30 minutes. For more detailed paper information, see ๐Ÿ“„ Paper Explorer.

CoRL Parallel Interactives

Antonio Bicchi

From Human-Robot Interaction to Human-Robot Integration

Dorsa Sadigh

Walking the Boundary of Learning and Interaction

David Hsu

Integrating Planning and Learning for Scalable Robot Decision Making

Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

Creating Interactive Haptic Robots

Andreas Krause

Tutorial on Safe Reinforcement Learning

Nathan Ratliff

A Fabrics Perspective on Nonlinear Behavior Representation